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3 sets:
8 Hang Squat Clean Thruster @ Moderate loading
2 Min Run @ 90%
Rest 2 Minutes
Rest 5 Minutes
3 sets:
6 Snatch Balance @ X5X1 tempo @ Moderate loading
2 Min Double Unders (L2 Fast Single Unders)
Rest 2 Minutes
Rest 5 Minutes
UB C2B (L2 Pull Ups), (L3 Self Assisted Pull Ups)
UB HSPU (L2 High Pike off Box), (L3 10 sec HS hold)
UB Push Ups

Cash Out:
30:30 x 4
Widest Grip Possible Bar Hang

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Halloween Party!

Just a reminder that the Halloween Party is next Friday.

Everyone is invited.

It starts at 7:00 pm right after the last class.

QCCF will supply the food and everyone can bring their favorite beverages.

Kina will have the Hennessy table there as well!

Everyone is encouraged to wear a cotume during the event



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A. Skill Work: Burpee Bar Rollover 

B. Alternate the work with a partner
Partner 1: 25-meter forward roll
Partner 2: repeat…
Partner 1: 50-meter Broad Jump Burpee
Partner 2: repeat…
Partner 1: 100-meter Bear Crawl
Partner 2: Repeat…
Partner 1: 100-meter Waiters Walk (1.5 / 1)
Partner 2: repeat…
Partner 1: 200-meter Farmers Carry (1.5 / 1)
Partner 2: repeat
Partner 1 & 2: Both partners then have 3 minutes to do as many Burpee
Reverse Bar Rollovers as possible (Score is the # of rollovers)

*Scale: T2B, or K2E

C. Running Skill
Wall Drill
6 x 100m Pose Running
Rest 1 minute between run

Cash Out:
Tabata Bar Hang L-Sits

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