Saturday – Partner WOD!

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AMRAP 30 Alt with Partner
5 Deadlifts x 4
100m Farmers Carry x 4 (2/1.5)
10 Slam Balls x 4
1 Rope Climb x 2 (L2 5 Pull Ups x 4)
3 Stone to Shoulder x 4

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How much sugar do you drink?

Sugar is not only in most processed food it’s also in many of the beverages, including the “healthy” ones, that we drink daily.

Check out this link.   You may be surprised at how much sugar you are drinking!

via How Much Sugar in Sodas and Beverages?

Master’s Athlete Coach John “The Chief” Llewellyn

I’m not sure all of you are aware that we have a regional games competitor at our box.

We want to wish Coach John good luck this week end as he competes on the road to the CrossFit Games in Carson California.  John finished in the top 200 in the world (119) in the 55-59 Men’s division and has been invited to further test his skill in the regional competition. If he finishes in the top 20 he will then be invited to compete in Carson for the World’s Fittest!

Good Luck this week end Chief! We are rooting for you!

Red Shirt Friday


3 sets:
  Bench Press Cluster 2.2.2
Rest 1 minute
A2.  1 Arm Row x 6 R then L
Rest 1 minute

50m OH Walking Lunge (45/25), (L2 25/15)
50 Sled Push Walk -No running here (180/135)

C.  Tabata Plank

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Sugar Free Challenge News

Time to start planning for Monday, April 21

Clean out your pantry and fridge.    Removing temptation will make it much easier.

Go shopping!   Take your approved food list with you and buy plenty of meats, vegetables and good fats. Approved Food List

Read labels!   Sugar is hidden in many foods with many different names.

Prepare!      Make larger batches of food.   Check out for sugar free approved recipes.  (see links below)

Each day you are 100% sugar free, give yourself a check mark on the white board.