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A. 4 sets:
4 Back Squat @ 23X1 Tempo

B.  4 sets:
4 TnG Push Jerk

C.  4 x 100m Sled Drag
Down Forward (50m)
Back Reverse (50m)
25 Squats

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Bring a friend week! May 19th-24th

We all know that there are a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit; that it’s too hard, dangerous, only for young athletes, you’ll (ladies especially) will get bulky, and it’s too expensive. You’ve tried to explain to your friends the difference, but they still don’t understand. Well, now is your chance to get them on board. Bring a Friend starts May 19th and ends Saturday the 24th.   So bring in a friend and let them try a full week of training to really get the full experience and dismiss the crazy ideas they have about CrossFit!


Let Coach know ahead of time….

Your guests must accompany you each time they come in…..

Have to fill out a waiver….

Have to be fun and not a buzz killer….

Day 3 Sugar Free

Day 3 – The next few days are going to get tough.   If you spent the last week eating and drinking as much as you could knowing you were giving it up for 21 days, the next few days will definitely be tough.  You may have headaches, fatigue and feel like you’ve been hit by a truck.  This is normal and all part of the process.   Your body is adjusting and for some it may take longer than others to feel normal again.

Make sure to eat enough especially fat, drink plenty of water and relax.   You will get through this!

Something to help with the cravings.   One of my favorite recipes – leave out the maple syrup it’s not needed.

Stay strong!    It does get better.



A.  Frankenstein Squat 3-3-3-3 @ 23X1 tempo

B.  Dip Drive 2-2-2-2

C.  EMOM10
1 Squat Clean Thruster + 2 Thrusters

D.  AMRAP 10
100m Run
7 T2B

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A.  Deadlift 3-3-3-3
rest 2 minutes between efforts

B.  4 sets:
2.2.2 HSPU Clusters
(L2 KB 1 Arm Press R/L 6 each arm)

5 Power Snatch (75/55), (L2 65/45), (L3 KBS)
10 Wall Balls (20/14)

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